Fans – basic terminologies (don’t fret if you are unable to comprehend, you may go straight to the selection matrix):

Sweep – dia of the circle created by the blades – 48” or 1200mm is the normal sweep that is used. Other sizes being 24”/36”/ 42”/ 56”

RPM – revolution per minute of the blades at a specific speed. Normally ranges between 350 – 400 rpm

Blade angle – refers to the angle of the blades as they move through the air, manufacturers do take care of the right blade angles.

Air delivery: it is the air delivered by the fan in cubic meters per minute – 210 – 230 CMM is a good enough range


Must check spec:

Service value of a fan: air delivered/ watt – air delivery is what you get from your fan and watts consumed is what you pay for regularly! Hence, this is one of the most important aspects to be considered while choosing a fan – go far a fan with a service value of more than 3 for decorative and 4 for energy efficient fans.

Fan regulator – it should be a good electronic stepped regulator


Fans selection matrix:

Area Concept Suggested Product Remarks
Living room/ Dining room Premium looking ceiling fans (with no visible screws) should be used in these areas. Ensure an air delivery CMM of around 235 as the space is larger with more people likely to occupy at a time. Select from the premium range of ceiling fans -1200mm (48 inches) sweep with 235 CMM air delivery for an input power of 75 watts or less.

(refer images below)

Go for super premium decorative fans with designer blades and light integrated if you always use ACs. The air delivery of such fans would be very less around 65 CMM as cooling is only a secondary function.
Kitchen Low noise exhaust fans to drive out the fumes and ensure fresh air circulation. Go for Freshner – 150mm (6 inches) sweep, 35 watts in white or black color Use decorative small sweep  ceiling fans/ wall mounted fans if required.
Bedrooms Energy efficient ceiling fans are preferred as the usage is high in the bedrooms.

White is a common color choice as it can go with any décor followed by brown.

Suggest 1200mm (48 inches) sweep energy efficient fan with atleast 210 CMM air delivery and maximum 50 watts power consumption. BLDC fans with power consumption of around 35 watts can be used if air delivery is sufficient.
Bathroom Exhaust fan (freshner) or high speed freshner for smoking occupants is a must for your bathrooms. Again, go for Freshner 150mm (6 inches) sweep, 35 watts  for normal noiseless operation and 40 watts for high speed. Choose white or black color. Check the opening provided for the same. Fans attract dust, hence choose a simple profile that is easy to clean.

Usage tip: there should not be any other ventilation (especially through window louvers) for effective functioning of exhaust fans.

Utility product option: have a flexible all in one fan which can be used as table fan or that can mounted on a wall or ceiling – product with a sweep of 225MM and 50 watts input power is hence recommended as a utility option.

Premium fans:

Energy efficient fans:

Exhaust fan (freshner):

Multi-utility fan: