Common base material options for your furniture:





Ply is preferred to avoid regular maintenance related work on your interiors. Also, when you rent out or sell your home, you can get better value if your interiors are in good shape.

Ply types:

MR – moisture resistant commonly referred as commercial ply suitable for usage in dry areas of a home

BWR – boiling water resistant also referred to as water proof Ply that must be used in kitchen and other wet areas

Ply is one of the most duplicated materials and hence procurement should preferably be done through company recommended dealers.

Finishing decorative material options that can be used over a Ply using an adhesive:



Laminate – it is made of layers of paper and adhesive pressed under high pressure. Laminates can be normal suede finished or textured in solid colors or various designs.

Veneer – is a thin slice of decorative wood species generally pasted on a 4mm ply backing. Natural veneer and recon veneer are the types of veneers available.

Natural veneer comes in groups and a selection at a distributor’s place is a must. Some of the common natural veneers are as follows:

Dark natural veneers – walnut, wenge, zebrano, sapeli

Medium – teak, white oak, red oak

Light – maple, sycamore, white ash, anegre

Recon veneer – is reconstituted veneer with each sheet being exactly the same as the other. It is costlier than a laminate and cheaper than natural veneer and bridges the gap between the 2 products.

Ply/ Laminate/ Veneer – selection matrix

Area Concept Suggested Products Remarks
Living room/ Dining room TV cabinets should preferably be custom made to hide wires, lighting etc. Well integrated crockery cabinets can add to add to the décor and functionality. MR/ BWR Ply with natural/ recon veneer or 1mm premium laminate. Hire the services of an Interior designer wherever required. One could look at buying loose furniture like sofa, dining tables, shoe racks, computer tables etc online.
Kitchen Being a water-prone area, use of BWR Ply is a must for kitchen cabinets with good hardware for sustainability & ease of operation. BWR Ply with 0.8mm/ 1mm laminate for cabinet inner surfaces. 1mm decorative laminate should be used for exposed surfaces. Use textured laminate to enhance the look. A scuff resistant glossy laminate will make maintenance easy. Other options being membrane, UV finished shutters etc
Bedrooms The bed should be very strong for obvious reasons & hence made of Ply. The wardrobes could be made of MDF or particle board with pre-lamination. MR/ BWR Ply for beds, wardrobe & dressing table. 0.8mm/ 1mm lam for inner surfaces. 1mm decorative laminate for outer. Again, good branded hardware should be chosen. Use recon or natural veneer for more exotic look. Customize your bed if it helps mitigate any of your ailments e.g. slightly inclined bed can be crafted for people suffering from specific illness.


Usage tip: Use tiles on kitchen walls for easy cleaning and maintenance apart from granite tops. Also, you can duco paint your existing doors if required & feasible to match your décor and give it an exotic look.

Utility product tip: have a laptop stand which can also be used as a flexi-table.