Basic terminologies: Instant water heaters & storage water heaters

Instant water heater: Remember those heating rods that were immersed in a bucket of water? Instant WH is similar with a heating rod used to heat the water almost instantly but in a closed aesthetically pleasing container.

Storage water heaters (SWH): they normally have 2 heating elements of lesser capacity and hence it takes longer time to heat. The water is stored in an insulated tank for retention of heat to be used whenever required.

Must check specs:

  1. BEE 5 star ratings 2. Rated power of 2 KW 3. Warranty of 2 yrs on electrical components and 7 yrs on the inner tank

Water Heaters – selection matrix:

Area Concept Suggested Product
Kitchen For washing utensils and hand wash, instant water heater should be used. 3L, 3 KW electric instant water heater
Bathroom Storage Water Heater (SWH) is required for bathing using shower. Also, unlike instant water heaters, the KW rating for SWH is lesser thereby preventing tripping due to overload. 15L storage water heater, BEE 5 star rated with 2 KW rated power.

Vertical Storage water heaters:


Square Storage Water Heater:


Usage tip: Vertical SWHs are preferred as horizontal ones are not that efficient due to better thermal stratification in case of the former. Large SWH (25L) could be underutilized resulting in energy losses.

Utility product option: since horizontal water heaters are not very efficient, opt for a square one for saving vertical space and for better aesthetics.