Water purifier selection:

Water source Type of purifier required Purpose Product
Underground (Borewell) RO


To remove impurities including hazardous heavy metals etc which cannot be done by a UV mechanism RO + UV purifier. RO is one of the best water purification methods available. Opt for atleast 7L storage capacity.
Surface water (municipal supplies) UV To destroy micro-organisms UV purifier.

Must check specs:

Product should have atleast 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Usage tip:

  • Buying an AMC is a good option outside the warranty period if your water is extremely hard (bore-well water)
  • In such cases, usage of water softener is also recommended to ensure longevity of stuff affected by hard water including your hair, clothes etc.
  • Switch-off the unit when there is no water supply as it could lead to damage of the pump.